Treatment 45 mins 60 mins
Hopi Ear candle treatment (includes face massage & Sinus drainage) £38.00 £45.00
Kinesio Taping  Various areas depending on assessment. From £25.00  
Luxury Facial cleanse and massage  £45.00  
Full Body Wrap, brush, exfoliate, body mask & facial – 2 hours £90.00   £70.00
Full Body Inch Loss Wrap – 2 Hours   £90.00
Thighs, Bums & Tums Inch Loss Wrap    £45.00
Spray Tanning £40.00   Special Bust & Tummy Wrap    
Shop items    
Gift vouchers for all occasions various  £
Crystal jewellery various Shop
Spirit clearance of property (Distance) £35.00  
Inch and weight loss regime 2 Week plan £18.00 Shop
New Moon detox bath bags Various      £4.00 Shop
After sports oil for overworked muscles (100ml)  £10.00 Shop
Spicy Vinegar for Arthritis £5.00 Shop
Tailor-made massage oils for many ailments (20 ml – 100 ml) from  £3.00 Shop
Relaxing Bath Oils (100ml) £8.00 Shop

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