Treatment 60 mins    
Chakra Alignment  £45.00    
Chakra Alignment with Reiki  £50.00    
Crystal Healing with Alignment £50.00    
Crystal Healing with Alignment & Reiki  £55.00    
Distance Healing                  30 minutes  £25.00    
Meditation small groups (when covid lifts) £10.00    
Reiki £45.00    
Reiki for small pets                15 minutes £20.00    
Reiki for Dogs/Cats               40 minutes  £30.00    
Reiki for Horses/Donkeys   40 minutes  £50.00    


Tarot readings                       45 Mins with emails sent of cards and their meanings.  £28.00



Meditation for Healing. Held on the beach at Blyth. Summer only. Check coming soon for details.



While covid is amongst us I am doing zoom treatments online for all Holistic services. Email me your requirements and I will set up a time and we can discuss what is best for you. Take great care.

For details on all the above treatments go to