• Chakra Alignment

Every now and again, we feel out of sorts. Our chakras are all out of sink and need re-aligning. To rebalance Crystals are used, improving overall health.


  • Chakra Alignment with Reiki

As above but with Reiki. Giving the faster ability to heal your both your physical and mental conditions.


  • Crystal Healing with Alignment

Your body is Aligned first to it can begin to heal. You are surrounded by crystals each one working to heal a special area. Giving your body a flow of good energy.


  • Crystal Healing with Alignment and Reiki

All the above in a package that your body will benefit from and thank you for. Healing mind, body and soul.


  • Distance Healing

Healing from a distance can be a loved one that is miles away from you that needs healing. They need to know healing is coming their way.


  • Reiki for pets

I have three prices for this treatment depending on the size of the pet. Pets are more in-tune than people and know they are being treated for the better good.


  • Seichem

Seichem is a form of Reiki that will find anything that is wrong, out of place, or does not have to be there. Moreover, will send this to the universe to deal with.


  • Meditation

Keep looking on my website for when Meditation on the beach will start back up. Small classes will be also starting next year. (Covid safe). I am however doing a Meditation 1 2 1 now.

The Meditation I do is for healing.  You will sit or lie and hear my voice and feel relaxed and worry free. We will aim to heal parts that have forgotten how to heal.